Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cover Art Interview: Lucienne Diver and and Vamped

After reading Lucienne Diver's answers to my questions, the synopsis, and staring endlessly at the cover, I can genuinely say I need this book in my possession. I haven't really gotten into the whole vampire craze like those around me (didn't even read Twilight until after I saw the movie..last week) but this book sounds amazing. A fashionista who digs her way out of her grave and becomes a vampire?! Yea, it definitely has peaked my interest. As for the cover, I love the bright red background and how it is such a contrast with the skin color of the girl. The fangs look genuine and makes me want a pair of my own! Even though we don't see anything other than her lower face and hand, I feel like the character is a spunky girl who lives for looking good at every moment.

1. How did the cover of VAMPED come to be?

Flux, my publisher, was fantastic about asking me for suggestions, and I solicited ideas from readers of my blog ( I looked all over and at the covers of other young adult authors to get an idea of the style that spoke to me and then sent links to my editor. Ultimately, though, Flux put all the ideas in a big pot and stirred. I think what the whole that they came up with is even better than the sum of its parts!

2. Were you a part of the decisions about the cover of VAMPED?

I was involved in the initial concept discussion, but after that the publisher just ran with it. My agent and I thought up the tagline "Eternity needs an entourage," which now appears on the cover. Aside from that, we had very little to do with it.....

3. Is the final cover what you had in mind for VAMPED?

It's even better than I imagined. I literally gasped when I first saw it (while checking e-mail at an Internet cafĂ© in New York City). I loved it so much that I paid to print it out in color on the spot and flashed it at the guy behind the counter, who was a bit bemused by the whole thing. I then, of course, showed it to everyone I knew, posted it on the Internet…next I'll have T-shirts done ....

4. Is there anything you would want to change about the cover of VAMPED?

I can't think of a thing. My heroine is a high school fashionista turned creature of the night, so my very first thought was, "Gina wouldn't be caught dead with her nails that short!" But then it occurred to me—she did just dig her way out of the grave. It makes sense her manicure would be a little frayed. It's in the book, actually. She's also completely horrified at discovering she no longer has a reflection and make-up application is going to be a bit problematic for all eternity.

5. Are you happy with the final product?

Absolutely. I think it reflects the book perfectly!


Kim said...

What a beautiful and vivid cover! It would definitely catch my attention on the shelf. :) Congrats!

Tom said...

Cover looks great! As the dad of three daughters, 13, 11, 8 who love the Twilight books, this'll be a must buy.


maxwell said...

I really like the concept and the subtle way in which it´s presented. The title logo is very powerful and effective whilst complimentary to the theme/story. The red background is also very fitting. I especially like the depth of the image created by the shadows.

I´d wish they´d photoshopped the facial hair that seems to stand out more than it should. I´d like to see the tagline on a single line of text and possibly in another typeface. The lipstick she´s holding could look a bit more glamorous with some editing. Also the nails, in my opinion, should be perfect or distressed. Here they look too common or uncared for. It would also help if they were the same red that is used elsewhere on the cover.

Overall a very powerful cover, that could be improved with minor changes.

Lucienne said...

Thanks, all, for your comments! I'm so pleased the cover is eye-catching and sparks discussion!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I really like the cover as well. The girl sort of reminds me of a friend, who is very girly, so it works! And the fact that digging out of a grave would make her nails short DOES make sense. I love it!!

Nice tagline for the cover too. I'm always interested in those. :)


Melissa Walker said...

Great cover, and a cool story!