Sunday, April 5, 2009

Around the World in 80 Dates


Travel writer Sydney Alexander is ready for one particular journey to end: her frustrating search for a Mr. Right. As a Christian twenty something navigating the weird world of dating, she's encountered more than her share of frogs. From men who can't keep a jo to self-centered professionals, her lackluster dates leave Sydney wondering where the good guys are hiding.

But things are looking way up. Just after landing her dream job, she meets an eligible round of bachelors, including a dashing European, a promising blind date, and a charming coffee-shop wordsmith. Now Sydney will discover just how far she's willing to compromise to land her dream guy.


When I first got the book I was very excited to read it. I hadn't read many reviews on it so I have no preconceived notions about it. The book started out well, I was able to follow the jumps between characters. I also enjoyed the main character, Sydney, very much. Her choice in men, most of the time, not so much.

Even though I did enjoy the plot and the characters I felt as though it got to a point that the book went a little bit too far when it came to being a parallel narrative. It became confusing, as there wasn't any indication who was telling the story until you got a few lines in and could figure it out on your own. Most times, when reading a parallel narrative, the viewpoints are broken up in chapters. However, in 80 Dates, it could flip a couple times within a chapter.

Aside from the broken parallel narrative, I thought the plot was interesting and definitely captured my mind. I didn't expect her to end up with who she did in the end, but, then again, that is the point isn't it? I do suggest picking this book up, though it may take a few sittings to get through to keep stories straight and how everything matches.


Bookworm said...

Ha ha I just won a book with the exact same title....but by a different author, Jennifer Cox.

Okie said...

sounds like a creative premise and definitely a catchy title...though I'd be worried that it was trying too hard to be cute and would fall apart in the plot department, expecting the gimmick to carry it.

Star Wars Books said...

What a crap.