Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Person Behind Book Nymph

Every once in a while I will get a message praising what I do or who I must be. So I thought it would be appropriate to tell all of you just who is behind Book Nymph and these reviews you read.

If you haven't gather from posts and such, my name is Kate and I am a 20 year old Junior at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania near the border of New York and set into a mountainside. I am a History B.A. major with a Women Studies' minor...and contemplating a Literature minor as well.

I live in the dorms, presently on a sorority floor. I am apart of the Delta Zeta new member class (we aren't allowed to say 'pledges') and will be initiated in a few weeks. Never would have thought myself a sorority girl, but, then again, these girls aren't your typical sorority girls!

I am also apart of FMLA, also known as the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, in which I take an active part. I am not the stereotypical hairy, man-hating I am, to quote Jessica Valenti, writer of Full Frontal Feminism and blogger on, a 'hardcore feminist'. I know what rights I should have, but don't, and feel the need to fight for them. I also work two jobs; the Phone-A-Thon (fundraising for the College) and at the Circulation Desk in the Library.

I am also a member of CAC (Colleges Agaisnt Cancer), but not just as a member, as a survivor. When I was sixteen I was diagnosed and treated for Thyroid Cancer. I have been cancer free for a few years now, even though I still have a few problems with my health (all related). I will probably be a survivor or Breast Cancer in the future, as it is prevalent in my family as well. But I will be a survivor, not a victim.

Now that you pretty much have grasped how busy I am (lol) I might as well hit on the typical stuff. I am the only girl in a family of four; mum, dad, and younger brother. I also have a dog and two cats. Even though my immediate family is on the smaller side, I have a very large extended family. I am Irish and German/Dutch..more so Irish though and very proud of my heritage. I identify as a Pagan, a Celtic Pagan to be more particular, even though I was raised in a Catholic household.

So, as you can see, I am just like the rest of you. I have my bad days and my goods days (though sometimes the bad days might turn into weeks!). You might only see me as a reviewer, but maybe now when you click on my space or the blogger you will know the person behind the writing. Just know you can always message me, as I love meeting new people. I may be busy, but I will almost always respond fairly promptly...unless my mind wanders and I forget for a few days (sorry!).

Thanks everyone for giving me the opportunity to read and review book! It is not just the authors that give me the option of doing this, but also everyone who reads the reviews. I love logging on and seeing a huge jump in of the best feelings! So as long as all of you keep reading (authors keep on writing!) I will keep reviewing!


Bookworm said...

You sound like an amazing person. I admire your bravery and love your blog!

John Marco said...

Hi Kate. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into the "real" you. I know that authors appreciate what you and other book bloggers do.

Book Fanatic 101 said...

Oh I LOVE learning about book bloggers! Thanks for sharing, you seem like an awesome person, Kate. :D

J.E. MacLeod said...

Wow. Such a great attitude about fighting cancer.



Ms. Yingling said...

Enjoyed your blog. Interesting about the sorority and the major. Are there really jobs out there in that field (I was a Latin major, so I can't alk!). Only bad thing about the blog-- the black print on the dark blue background was a little hard to read. Good luck!

Bookalicious said...

Hey, I just discovered your blog and apart from your great reviews, I also enjoyed reading a bit about you, thanks for sharing that with us, you seem like a very interesting person. :)