Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dirty Work


Hope's mum doesn't get her. In fact, Hope knows that as far as her preoccupied parents are concerned, she's hopeless. She may be spoilt - but money doesn't buy happiness. Oksana doesn't even have a mum. And her dad and brother are miles away, left behind in Russia. She thought Europe would offer a better life - instead, bought and sold into prostitution, she feels dirty and used. Then, Oksana and Hope are thrown together in the most terrifying circumstances imaginable. Their only real chance of escape lies with each other, but how do two teenagers with so little in common find the way...? This is a tense, shocking novel - with a hint of hope.


This book was a quick read, but definitely well worth it. It gave yo insight to one of the most tragic happenings of our time -- human trafficking. Julia Bell did a terrific job creating a storyline about two girls from two very different backgrounds who, by chance...or maybe even bad luck, end up in the same horrible predicament. I can understand why some would think that a book about human trafficking would be graphic and not suitable for YA, but this book is nothing like that. Yes, it is blunt and, yes, it is a depressing story but it also teaches you about a dark and dirty world separate from the bubble most of us seem to live in.

I had one problem with this book; the ending. It just ended with neither knowing where to begin when asked to tell their stories. It was kind of a let down as I was expecting to here both sides of the story in full being told to someone who would be there for them...I wanted to know the reactions of those who loved them. I thought the book was informative but also thought it had some holes in the story. At times I was trying to figured out what part of Oksana's life was being discussed because it just seemed to jump a bit. Hope just didn't come across as a real girl. She didn't try to get away and she had all the chance sometimes. And I understand that that is sometimes how it works for those who are victims of Human Trafficking, you are just too afraid to run, but I am pretty sure she could have outrun her capture while still at her home. The one thing that caught my eye initially was the cover; it symbolizes the red light districts in my mind and I instantly mad the connect before even reading the title.

Overall, I thought it was a decent read. I think it could be used as a tool in schools for those who are learning about Human Trafficking (for those schools who deam it appropriate to learn about and how to prevent it) and I think people could enjoy it.

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Liv said...

What a coincidence. Human Trafficking is my school's global mission focus thing this year. Looks like an interesting book. I'll have to check it out! Great review!