Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kissing Snowflakes

Hot cocoa. Crackling fire. Cozy sweaters. . .

Winter break is supposed to be all about romance, but Samantha is stuck spending hers in a Vermont inn with her dad, brother, and impossible perfect new stepmom. Sam is determined to stay indoors and sulk . . . until she meets Drew. A blond, beautiful skier, Drew shows Sam how to conquer the slopes -- and how to kiss. But is Drew really the boy who can melt Sam's heart, or is there someone else at the lodge she should be kissing.

I picked this book up because it was something out of the ordinary...I can look on my shelf and none of my books take place in a winter setting. Wait, scratch does. And I love the winter...the is so magical. So I had high expectations for this book. And while, at first, I thought it was the typical teenage romance complete with all of the '!' moments and the all italic 'my life is over' drama, it turned out to be a pretty good book. While I must say it was a bit predictable (you could sense the idiot boy from a mile away) and it was kind of the typical teenage story I did think it had a good plot and the characters did have depth to them.

Throughout the entire book I was took me back to being a teenager and what I was like when I was Sam's age. I found myself putting myself into her shoes and blushing at al of those awkward moments and fuming at those horrible ones. I could feel her pain as she...well I will leave that for you guys.

Overall it was a good book. I would definitely recommend this as a cozy up on a snow day book. It is a fast and easy read and is one you could read over again and still blush at the reminder of your teenage awkward moments. Kudos to the author, Abby Sher, for creating a fantastic read and making be go outside today and 'kiss' the snowflakes (I really did and it was great!).


Bookworm said...

Looks really great! I love the title and cover!

Hillary said...

I made my sister buy this so I could read it! It looks really good, but I'll be saving it until summer so I won't be reminded of the cold that's waiting for me outside!

YA Book Realm said...

Oh the books sounds really cute! I've been wanting a quick read.

Melissa Walker said...

I really liked this one--sweet and complete and fun to follow.

Em said...

I read this one awhile ago cause I just loved the cover and title. It was a fun read.