Sunday, October 19, 2008

Witch Ember

In the days when gods walked the earth and the clay of Man was still wet, a Stone of Power was shattered. From that day forward, all humankind carried a piece. Most have just a little- just the tiniest speck of dust- but some have one of the bigger grains- or even a pebble- and they are the most powerful of sorcerers. In the paranoid, magically-barren lands of the Seven Kingdoms, the street urchin Esmeree is born to carry a stone of unprecedented size and power. As she struggles to survive the unforgiving streets of Cliffs Reach, she endeavors to master the sorcery of her stone and understand its purpose. But time is running out for her for others have discovered her skills and seek to use or destroy her. The Inquisition, the Superbus Tyrannus, the Primate of the Holy Median church. Esmeree must determine her own path, or she will die their slave.


I really did not enjoy this book. From beginning to end it seemed as though I was forcing myself to continue and finish, which I did. To me, this book was borderline smut, and not the good kind. Yes, the plot seemed like it would have been a good one, but the fact that the story jump around so much got me confused and uninterested. The witch ember aspect of the book was good, but, to me, it seemed as though the prostitution weigh in more. I also did not enjoy all the italicized words that were a different language, but pretty much English. It was a distraction and not needed. There was a glossary at the end of the book...but for a 400+ page book, who is really going to flip to the back and look up that much stuff. Reading is leisure, not school, and that is what it felt like I was reading this for, a class I have to take, not want to take.

Overall, I would have to say this book might be for some people,I am trying really hard to find an aspect of this book I enjoyed, but I just can't. but definitely not me. I am not saying don't go and get the book because of this one bad review, Goddess knows there were plenty of good reviews. I just did not enjoy it and considered it to be just too much.

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Good review, I might wait awhile before I read this one.

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