Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Eyes Of God


Accompanied by his lifelong friend Lukien, the Bronze Knight of Liiria, King Akeela rides to a rival city to offer a peaceful end to a long and bloody war. In return, he brings home a bride, unaware of the tangled threads of destiny that unite him, his new wife, and his longtime friend in an age-old triangle of love and betrayal. So begins a sprawling tale of military battles, personal and political intrigue, magic, and star-crossed love set against a land of warring kingdoms and hidden magic.


I have a few things I want to saw about this book. First off, I loved all of the characters and John Marco did a fabulous job making them come alive and giving them depth. the plot was so enthralling and by the time I got into the book I really didn't want to put it down.

My favorite character was Lukien. I didn't care for much in the beginning as I thought he was a bit egotistical...but then I really fell in love with him. He really did genuinely care for Cassandra and Akeela, regardless of the betrayal. And the magical side to the book was amazing and the world that was created was just astounding and a part of me wanted to live there.

I had two major problems with this book. The first being the cover...I don't like it in any way (I really don't mean to be harsh). It didn't attract me to the book at all and when I first saw it it kind of put me off. Because I hadn't read the book I didn't understand the meaning behind the cover, therefore it had no meaning. I guess maybe I am just used to a different type of cover. My other problem was the amount of time to get into the main story. The first third of the book was mostly leading up to the main plotline and in a 700+ page book that is while. Of course, once it got into it, it was a fantastic book.

Overall the book was good. Would I recommend it? Certainly, but only to certain readers. Those who can maintain a large amount of information and don;t mind spending a week on a book. John Marco is a fabulous right and very descriptive, if you like that type of writing, which I do as it paints a huge picture in your head, they go out and get this book.

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